Share your faith using gifts that comfort those you love and strengthen their prayer life.

Búp bê Công Giáo Little Flock - Búp Bê Chúa Giêsu - Đức Mẹ - Thánh Giuse

We want you to experience being a lamb sleeping safely in the palm of God.
Pray with our gifts and allow the love and mercy of God to reside and take root in your heart.
Lastly, our products are undoubtedly cute to help spark faith conversations with those around you.

Holy Family Plushies

From our Hearts on Fire Collection.
The Immaculate Heart of Mary, Chaste Heart of Joseph and Sacred Heart of Jesus plushies in an ideal size for hugging, praying and playing.

Agnus Dei Polo Shirt

Profess your Christian identity by wearing this unisex apparel featuring our Lamb of God insignia.

Jesus Bag Charm

This adorable tiny Jesus toy plushie comes with a detachable keychain. Perfect for you to proclaim your Catholic faith.

Little Flock x Archdiocese of Saigon:
Introducing Holy Family Plushies